Air Filtration (Engine)

The Air Filter element establishes a barrier for the separation of airborne contaminants, allowing only clean air to enter the engine. Air filter elements fall into four broad categories:

  • Automotive. Both round and panel designs, with moulded ends.
  • Heavy-Duty Primary. Usually with metal ends, available in both PA (standard) and LL (long-life) models.
  • Heavy-Duty Secondary. Used to seal out dirt while the primary filter is being changed.
  • Radial Seal. With moulded ends and a reinforced closed end - characterised by ease of service.

Air is necessary for successful combustion in your engine. In fact, for efficient combustion, a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times as much air as it does fuel. Clean air – air almost 100% pure – is critical to engine survival and vital to its performance. Dingbro Industrial will provide you with a single source solution for all your air filtration requirements... Replacement Elements... Housings... OE Spares...


~ Dingbro Industrial have one of the largest and diverse ranges of air filtration available from stock in the UK ~


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Capsule Filter
Nylon filter capsules are highly retentive naturally hydrophilic, specially designed for critical gas and liquid applications.

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