Heat Exchangers

Dingbro Industrial is a proven single source for all of your Heat Exchanger requirements. From basic repair… overhaul… remanufacture… to complete system design or redesign. Irrespective of the manufacturer or type concerned…

  • Shell & Tube
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Aluminium Air Blast Units

Dingbro Industrial have the solution to take the heat out of any situation

Our specialist services include the overhaul of Plate Heat Exchangers, part of this process includes the crack detection of all plates not just random sampling. Dingbro Industrial also carry out the Ultrasonic Cleaning of Charge Air Intercoolers, this will return the air side differential pressure to an original equipment state.


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Capsule Filter
Nylon filter capsules are highly retentive naturally hydrophilic, specially designed for critical gas and liquid applications.

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