Compressed Air Filtration

Compressed air filters for all applications

  • FRL's, filters, regulators, lubricators, combinations & modular
  • Compressor intake filters
  • Coalescing filters, oil removal, water removal
  • Carbon adsorber filters, odor removal
  • Particulate removal filters
  • Combination particulate and coalescing models
  • ASME large capacity models available with flows to 25000 scfm
  • Stainless steel filters available
  • High pressure models to 5000 psig available.
  • Low pressure drop models.
  • Accessories for all models available, delta P gauges, indicators, internal drains and external drains.
  • Intake Filters and Intake Filter Silencers

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Capsule Filter
Nylon filter capsules are highly retentive naturally hydrophilic, specially designed for critical gas and liquid applications.

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